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Booking Engine General Conditions



The booking engine provided in this website as well as the website intellectual properties (programming code, text, images, photos, flash banners, etc) are property of G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd registered and operating under the laws of Cyprus. The booking engine which is provided from G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd allows you to book rental vehicles or rental cars all over the world. By using the booking engine or any part of the websites you are accepting the Terms and Conditions, you agree that you will use the booking engine or part of it, the technology supporting the booking engine and or part of the website according to the Terms and Conditions and that these terms and conditions are an agreement between you and the G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd which owns the website. In case you do not agree or not accept these terms and conditions please stop using the website.


Booking Engine Access

While G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd takes all the required measures for the booking engine to work normally 24 hours a day and 7 day a week, G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd cannot be hold responsible if for any reason the booking engine is not available or doesn’t function properly. The booking engine and or the websites may be temporary unavailable without any prior notice in case of system failure, updates to the booking engine, maintenance, repairs or any reason beyond G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd control.



In case of disputes between G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd and you, our liability to you, if any, is limited to the amount which you had pay during the booking process (when you actually booked the rental vehicle). G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd reserves the right to make any changes deemed required in the booking engine at any time without any prior notice. When you create a booking from the booking engine provided, powered and owned by G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd is actually made between you and the rental vehicle supplier (Car Rental Company) and not between you and G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd. G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd is not a partner, owner or a party between you and the rental vehicle supplier (Car Rental Company) and has no liability and or responsibility (direct or indirect) to any party regarding your contract with the rental vehicle supplier as well as to any problem, disputes or misunderstandings that might occur between you and the rental vehicle supplier. G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd assumes no liability for actual rentals, which do not come about due to reasons for which the hirer is responsible, failure to present a driver license or presenting a driver license which is no longer valid, failure to present a valid passport or identification card, failure to present a valid credit card under the name of the driver (debit cards are rarely accepted), non-compliance with regulations concerning the minimum or maximum age of the driver.


Payment Method

The payment method when you make a booking to is to pay a deposit amount at the time of making your booking and the balance amount is paid locally to the rental vehicle provider (Car Rental Company) on arrival. Payment of the balance and anything purchased locally will be charged in the currency of the country where you rent a car. On our website you can select your preferred currency. Please note that rates are shown with an exchange rate of the actual day and small differences may occur on the day of pick up. There might also be small differences due to currency exchange policy of your bank or Credit Card Company.


Booking Process

In order to book your car you just have to follow the 3 easy steps to the website. All data you give on our website are sent encrypted to our servers, so that nobody else can access your details. Please check the security certificate on our web page. The amount of the deposit payment will be shown in the last stage of the booking process. This amount will be charged to your Credit Card provided only when the Booking will be confirmed from our local partners. Your confirmation voucher with details on how to meet our car rental partner and get your rental car will be sent to you by e-mail, within 48 hours after the order is made. Make sure you provided the correct email address at the time of booking. It is essential that you provide a correct e-mail and mobile phone number as the voucher contains very important information on how to get the car at your destination. If for any reason none of our car rental partners can confirm your order, a cancellation e-mail will be sent to you with a suggestion to change your order. In such case, no payments will be made. The name of the car rental company, delivery / pick up instructions, address and telephone numbers will be written on your voucher.


Amendment of a Confirmed Booking

All amendments that will not affect the rental price No Amendment Fees will apply if charges is made and there are no amount differences in the new rental price (same rental period). Otherwise a new booking must created and if it gets confirmed, you will get a new order confirmation, the original order will be cancelled and the down payment for the original order will be refunded if full to your bank account if the amendment has been noticed 48hours before the original pick up date. Extension of the rental, after the rental period has started, can only be done by the car rental company. In case you wish to drop the car off earlier than booked, G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd will not refund any amount for the unused days. It is entirely up to the car rental company whether they decide to do so.


Cancellation of a Confirmed Booking

FREE Cancellation. You may cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the start of the rental period. The cancellation can be made via our hotline: 00357 2203 0640 or via E-Mail to our support center. All funds will be reimbursed.


Pick Up Information

For airport pick-ups, it is essential that you have given a correct flight number and arrival time, before rental start date. The flight information, including timings, is the responsibility of the client only. Failure to supply correct and accurate flight information may delay delivery / collection of the vehicle. For port pick up, we need the name of the ferry and arrival time. For hotel deliveries, we need the name of your hotel and also, if available, the telephone number and address of the hotel. If detailed pick up / drop off information are not available at the time of booking, you have to inform us about these details at least 3 days prior to the rental start date. You can do it by e-mail or by phone, calling the telephone number written on your voucher. Should this information not be provided in time, neither G.I Global Innovations Holdings Ltd, nor our car rental partners can be held responsible or obliged to a compensation for a failed rental.


Out of Hours charges

In most locations flights / ferries can be met and cars supplied outside normal working hours. However, an additional charge for the "out of hours" service might apply. In the event that a flight / ferry is delayed or for any other reason causing the car pick-up to fall outside normal working hours, an additional charge may occur locally, where the "out of hours" service is available.


Delivery / Pick Up of the Rental Car

All delivery / pick up details as well as contact information for the company, which has confirmed the booking, will be written on the confirmation voucher. At the airport, our car rental partner will usually wait for you at their airport desk. In some occasions, a representative from the car rental company will wait for you in the arrivals hall with your name/car rental company name on a sign giving you the car at the airport parking or using shuttle service to transfer you to their off-airport office. When picking up the car at a hotel, the car will be delivered there or our car rental partner shuttle service will transfer you to the nearest rental station. A charge for delivery / pick up and/or collection may apply. Should you have any problems finding the car rental company, you have to call the telephone number/s written on the voucher.



All local car rental companies have the right to demand a deposit. Therefore, a credit card issued in the name of the driver is required. Debit cards (e.g. Visa Electron) are not accepted by the local hire car companies. Please follow the advice given on your voucher and the advice under the hire conditions of the vehicle that you have selected.


Customer Complaints

We aim to provide you with the best services available in order for you to have your best vacations without worrying for your car rental agreement. In case you have any complains we will be happy to hear about it and to be able to take the appropriate actions in order to ensure that this will not happen again to you or any other customer. Complains must be send to us within 30 days from the time you returned your car rental vehicle and you closed the rental agreement with our local supplier. If the complain is posted to us after the first 30 days it will not be accepted and we will not take any actions. You can send us your complaints by email to our support center.


Last Update 03 January 2015