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About Us

Who We Are


Direct2carrentals was founded in 2009 by a Group of European Independent Car Rental Companies, Consultants and Internet Technicians, jointly having an extensive experience in the Car Rental industry.


As Independent Car Rental Companies, we have offered through our isolated Internet sites or other associates (Car Rental Brokers, Online Travel Agencies, etc) car rental services to more than 7,500,000 Customers over the last 15 years in most European Cities and Holidays destinations.

We strongly believe that the Customers loyalty is the key for development and prosperity of each company. To achieve this, we have to ensure our Customers are fully satisfied with both the price and the service that we offer.


In Direct2carrentals we believe that the direct way is the best way for everyone involved and therefore we have developed a unique booking engine that allows our Customers to book online Worldwide, direct with all our Local Rental Representatives instead of trying to find them through their isolated internet sites.


Our aim is to achieve a win-win relation between our Customers, our Booking Engine Team and Our Local Rental Representatives and to establish a climate of confidence and reliability, by providing an excellent quality of services from the first contact when booking with us, during the Car Pick Up and until the Customer returns the car, leaving entirely satisfied!


“We serve the customer… Not the booking”


The Car Rental Market


Online Car Rental Bookings have increased dramatically over the last 5 years. This has increased the negotiation ability of customers but on the other hand the Customers have lost the direct contact with the local car rental agent that actually provides their car on Arrival since the majority of the bookings are coming to the local agents through the Internet Booking Engines of Car Rental Brokers!


As a result of this we have noticed that there is a big gap in the car rental market between the Car Rental Broker Sell Rate (what the client pays) and the Net Rate (what the local rental agent actually gets). 

We believe that behind a satisfied client is a satisfied car rental agent. What we in Direct2carrentals aim to avoid is incidents like the following:


In a 2007 study, Travelocity found that major American airports tacked on an average of 28.04 percent to your total bill (up from 25.8 percent in 2005) in local and state taxes. However, that percentage can be much higher.
In Europe, where many countries charge even higher taxes, the sticker shock can be even worse. On a trip to Italy several years ago, I rented a car with a base rate around €110 for three days. The final total? Including insurance, mandatory theft protection, a 20 percent tax, an underage driver fee, a surcharge for not filling the gas tank, and a few other "mystery" charges written on our bill in illegible Italian, I paid about €380 -- more than a 200 percent increase over the base rate.


How We Work


We Compare the Complete Rental Rate!


In today’ world the Car Rental industry is a very complex environment with hundreds of parameters which comes into play such as different suppliers, local country regulations, insurance policies, car hire brokers, costs of additional items, late drop off charges etc.


In Direct2carrentals we make it our business to ensure that the Market Sell Price is the FINAL Total Price the client has to pay, with no hidden extra’s or surprises.

It is very important since a low rate rental price says nothing to us if the other costs (baby seats, additional driver, Excess amount in insurance etc) are overcharged!


Therefore we compare all the deals in the Market under this frame of logic on a regular basis.

We forward the results, advise and consult with all our Local Car Rental Representatives in order that our Sell Rates are competitive with the Lowest COMPLETE Rates in the Global Car Rental market. Our booking engine will ensure that you get the best COMPLETE rate available in the market.


Our Rental Conditions for each location are the same for every Representative/Car Rental Agent. That means you do not have to read each Car Rental Agency’s Terms and Conditions to decide which one to choose!

It is also important that our rental Terms and Conditions are simple and clear with no small print and surprises! 


No Middle man between YOU and the Car Rental Company!   


Where Your Money Goes


Direct2carrentals are NOT Car Rental Brokers!

We do Not add any commission to the Net Rates of our Local Rental Representatives!

We are the Management Department of our Independent Car Rental Network.

G.I Global Innovation’s Operating and Administrating costs are covered by our Local Rental Representatives  


Before you place your booking you will know EXACTLY the ACTUAL Final Cost of your booking including all the additional items you may have requested during booking (Non mandatory Insurances, Baby seat, Additional driver etc,)


The deposit you are requested to pay on booking covers the following:

a)      The standard percentage of the Rental Price required by our Local rental Agent, in order to confirm your booking

b)      The Total cost of any Additional Insurances you have requested  

On your arrival you will pay the balance amount to our Local Rental Representative


No more Unexpected Hidden Extras!


Our Mission


Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best service to everyone, through Reliability, Trust and Customer Support. Our culture is driven from this statement and we strive every day to achieve this.  


We are here to help your travel plans come true!